Saturday, 12 April 2014

Warlord Games Plastic Hanoverian Infantry

Well as promised here is the first review, focusing on the Hanoverian Infantry included in the "British Starter Army" box.

As you can see you get 6 sprues of 5 infantry figures,  a pack of 6 metal command figures and a flag/information sheet.
Warlord Games Plastic Hanoverian Infantry
The figures are all in a march attack pose, and the arms are moulded onto the body. There is a seperate back pack and water bottle which needs to be attached to the figure. Finally there is a selection of heads, with nearly all wearing the traditional 'Hanoverian' flat cap. The casts look to be very good and the detail is very clear. These should be quick to assemble which is a bonus.

Hanoverian Infantry Sprue
The metal command figures look good quality as well, with clear detail. There is a sapper, a drummer, Two ensigns and an two officers. There are seperate heads which need to be attached.

Hanoverian Command (From top left to bottom right) Sapper, Ensign, Ensign, Officer, Drummer, Officer in Greatcoat

The flags seem to be generic flags following a 'popular' design. They look to be very clean and with good detail.
Hanoverian Flag Sheet
Hanoverian Information Sheet


  1. Good to see these reviewed! I had been expecting these to be the plastic British with metal Hanoverian heads, like they did with the Pavlov Grenadiers. Which only leaves the question, why they are doing a starter set with a non-historical composition, instead of a British and a Hannoverian one?

  2. Plastics have really come a long way since Airfix days. These look good, and a reasonable price.