Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Black Legion

Well. I realised that I haven't blogged on here for a long time

Me and my crazy wargame buddies are planning to re-fight Quatre Bras in 2017 in 1/20 scale

As part of this project, I have agreed to paint a significant amount of Brunswick figures.

I have previously purchased and painted some Eagle Figures Dutch Jagers for the project and I was pleased with the results. Eagle Figures have just released a new range of Brunswick figures and I was keen to encorporate them into this project

When I attended Salute last week, they had a very generous buy 4 packs, get one free offer, so naturally I had to.

I also promised this blog because Kevin, our wargaming and painting leviathan is a die hard Perry figure painter, and I wanted to try promote Eagle Figures to him as an alternative.

I figure if I can persuade Kevin, I can persuade anyone.

So onto the figures.

I purchased some Perry and Eagle Figures Brunswick line infantry and also some Brunswick Artillery.
Brunswick Horse Artillery Figures from Eagle Figures
I have painted the gunners as I wanted to try out my painting black uniforms.

However photographing black was harder than I imagined.

I hope you like the figures

Then I thought I would do a direct comparison between the Eagle Figures line infantry and the Perry Line Infantry
Perry Miniature on the left, Eagle Figures Miniature on the Right
As you can see, both figures are a similar height and build and wouldn't look out of place side by side.

I would argue here that the sculpting is slightly clearer on the Eagle Figures miniature. What do you think?

Now on to the command stands - here are the command figures from Eagle Figures. There are two standard bearers, a drummer and an officer in each pack

Here the figures are photographed with the Perry Command Figures. In the Perry pack you get two officers, two standard bearers and two drummers.
I think they would combine well in a unit and would be interested to hear your opinions.

Perry as we all know are available here  - usually in packs of six

Eagle Figures are available here- the packs I purchased were their battalion packs of 24 figures, priced at £25 each

The Artillery pack had 8 figures and 2 guns and was priced at £16.50

As always all comments and feedback welcome.