Sunday, 13 April 2014

Warlord Games Plastic British "Waterloo" Infantry

I've had time to review the Plastic British Infantry recently released by Warlord Games

As you know I purchased their "British Starter Army" for the Waterloo Campaign at a cost of £70.

This includes 108 plastic and metal British Line Infantry in Belgic Shakos, 36 Plastic and Metal Hanoverian infantry, an officer on a horse and an artillery piece. The Hanoverian infantry have been reviewed elsewhere.

This review will focus on the plastic figures. I will review the lead ones seperately.

British Infantry Figures in the Warlord Army Pack

Well as you can see, you get 18 sprues of plastic Infantry, and each sprue contains 5 infantry figures in march attack pose, 1 of whom is a "flank" company figure and so suitable for the Light or Grenadier companies.

Standard British Infantry Sprue
Close up of Flank Company Figure (R) and another Figure
Three Centre Company Figures
Centre Company Figure

Also on the sprue are 7 seperate heads, 1 head has no shako, the rest are wearing covered Belgic shakos, which certainly makes painting a lot quicker. You will also see that one chap has a bandage over his eye.

Close up of Heads. Bandaged head on (L) and barehead on (R)

Close up of Infantry Heads

One thing I didn't notice in my earlier review of the Hanoverian Infantry is that each sprue contains two extra "wings" for flank company figures. This allows you to make an extra flank figure per sprue - great for those of us who maybe have to make light companies of guards for Waterloo 30-60 figures strong!

Flank Company "Wings"

The figures are what I'd like to call "standard" Warlord 28mm size, and should fit well with other plastic figures from Perry and Victrix. I have pitted my Warlord figures against the larger figures of Front Rank and I think they fit in fine but I know this is a contentious issue for some.

The moulds are very good,  no flash that I can see and the detail is definitely getting better. In terms of historical accuracy of the figures, they appear fine to me but I'm no button counter.

A starter army retails at £70 which gives you a *rough* price of around 46p a figure.


  1. They look good James. Is this the nucleus of your 27th Foot for our Waterloo project?

  2. Chris

    In all likelihood they certainly will be. I might use a few figures from another manufacturer to do the light company or something, just to stop myself going insane!