Friday, 13 December 2013

Today's contribution

I finished these French Line infantry centre companies today, all from Warlord Games. I had intended to finish more, but unfortunately I appear to be suffering the on-set of the dreaded man-flu, and concentrating was a struggle. Also, after spraying Volspar Clear Plastic Sealant into my eye yesterday, I've been feeling a tad unmotivated. 


  1. They came out great.
    I'm thinking spraying my eyes with matte clear now; sounds easier than spraying all the troops.

  2. Very nice! I have 28 units of French Ligne myself, but I am thinking I need another 4... or 8! ":-)

  3. Gonsalvo

    You are crazy, although having said that I think I have 16 units now. I've got three more primed up for painting although may do Neapolitans next.

    Baconfat - I used matte clear in my own eye, and so far everything seems fine. The can advised me to "seek medical advice" so naturally I googled it