Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Re-fight of the Battle of Barrosa 1811

For those of you unfamiliar with the Peninsular War, you can read more about the Battle of Barrosa here

Battle of Barrosa

I will be looking to re-fight the main part of the battle, focusing around the Barrosa hill. I am intending to have General Dilkes and General Wheatley's brigades represented on the allied side, along with a small group of Spanish and Cavalry under Colonel Whittingham. I will also have the option of General La Pena and his Spanish taking part in the battle, to be decided after a set number of turns by a random D6.

For the French, both General Ruffin and General Leval will have their Brigades represented.

There will be no set figure ratio, rather the size of the units will be decided as "bases".

For instance, the 87th Regiment of Foot had a whole battalion at the battle, and so they will be represented by a full "battalion" of 6 bases and 24 figures, whereas another regiment/battalion of perhaps 5 companies, will only have 3 bases, or 12 figures.

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  1. Don't give too much away in advance in case your intended players are readers of your blog! ;-)