Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Back to the grind stone

Truth be told, I had forgotten about starting this blog and decided to myself that I wanted to blog the development of my Napoleonic wargaming armies, and re-discovered this blog.

Next year (2014) I am planning on re-fighting the Battle of Barrosa which took place in 1811, using my own wargame figures.

In 2015, I have got myself involved in a large re-fight of the Battle of Waterloo, on a 1 to 3 figure scale. There will be a particular focus on the fighting around Hougoumont.

In line with this aspiration, I have begun to re-vamp my existing forces, particuarly my British Line infantry, and I have started to replace my plastic Victrix and Perry units with Front Rank units. My decision for this is mainly because my painting has improved considerably and I would like better quality units.

Also, I have started to paint and sell other wargame units on eBay in order to fund these two ambitious projects.

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