Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Map for Barrosa re-fight

I have spent the past few weeks researching the battle and deciding on how I am going to organise the re-fight.

This map shows the historical position of the opposing forces during the Battle of Barrosa in 1811.

I have taken to Paint to focus the map on a much smaller area of the battlefield, in order to help me design my layout for my table.

As you can see, I have put General La Pena's Spanish immediately behind the two British Brigades. This is a bit of artistic licence, as in reality they were located elsewhere. However, I want to give the Allied commander a fighting chance, and allow the possibility of La Pena's Spanish fighting in the battle.

I have also set victory points, in order to fool the less astute commander. In reality, as you can see - a total victory is only possible by controlling Barrosa Hill


  1. James,
    Looking good so far. I will be interested in your re-fight.
    Have you read the book title: "The Battle of Barrosa 1811" by John Green/Martin Mace published in 2012? Interesting coverage of this and the nearby Tarifa action.

    Michael aka Wargamerabbit

  2. MIchael

    No I haven't, it is very much in the early stages. It will probably be next Autumn before I have all the figures ready for the re-fight