Monday, 30 June 2014

Back on it

Well, the Waterloo tester game was a massive wakeup call for me, reminding me I've got over 300 figures left to paint, so I got back into it over the last weekend.

Firstly I painted up my second Company of Coldstream Guards to join the first centre company which I painted some time ago. I am not willing to enter into the debate over the colour of their trousers - they are all done now!

Coldstream Guards Centre Company
Then I constructed and painted black an entire box of "Warlord Games British Starter Army" to make my 27th Inniskillen Regiment.
Construction begins outside on the 27th Inniskillen Regiment
As you can see, I only managed 7 companies from the whole box, and so I need 2 more companies and a lot of command figures to make up the last 3 companies.
7 Companies of 18 figures each. Only another 3 Companies to add!
A monumental task if ever I've seen one! Warlord have sold a few more boxes.


  1. I like the white trousers for the Guards, myself. Helps make them stabnd out better from the rest!

  2. Looking brilliant James, well done. Looking forward to seeing you and your figures at the next test game.