Saturday, 1 February 2014

Bicorn Miniatures - Cased Colours and Cased French Eagles

I just thought I'd do a quick review on these, as there had been a discussion on the TMP forum about these particular items.
Packets of Cased Colours as they arrive from Bicorn Miniatures
I ordered one pack of "S3 Cased Colours with flag tops and cords" and another pack of "S4 Cased French Eagles" - each pack contains 4 wire flagpoles and 4 metal casts of either cased colours with tops or cased eagles.
Cased Colours with flag tops and cords
Cased French Eagle
I did expect a single cast (with the pole) but looking back on it I think my expectations were unrealistic.

The casts are very good, and although marketed for 25mm, they work fine for 28mm.
My only criticism is that the poles are very long, and I'm not sure if there's an expectation that you'd have the tools to drill a hole inside the colour to accommodate the pole (there is a small guide hole of a few mm)?
Either way, I was very pleased with the finished item and it will save you from buying hundreds of different flags.
Although of course, some people love flags!
9/10 - exactly what you expect - would have been a ten but let down by the fiddlyness (new word?) of attaching the colours to the pole


  1. They look very good, and a nice solution to units whose colors were unknown as well. If there is no hole at all to insert at least a few mm of the pole into, I would consider that a serious flaw myself, however.

  2. I should point out there IS a small guide hole of a few mm

  3. Back in the day when all we had were those sticky revo type flags, I made my own cased colours for my French army using plasticine painted with pva glue. I replaced them all with GMB flags over time - have a single solitary one left. I think they add something for a regiment that is modeled marching.

  4. Nice review James. I've used the Bicorne spear head standard tops and cords for my 18th Century units. Personally I love flags as long as they are not too numerous in a game, shame to case them but I know it's more realistic!