Saturday, 1 February 2014

Battle of Paris 1814

A few photos from my wargame groups last wargame - The Battle of Paris in 1814.
A closely fought game, which resulted in an Allied tactical victory - mainly due to attrition and casualties in the French ranks
By the close of play, all of the major terrain objectives were still under French Control.
On the right, an Austrian attack had been repulsed by the Young Guard and French regulars.
In the centre, the Old Guard had fought well against a Russian, Austrian and Prussian onslaught, whilst the Red Lancers had almost single handedly routed the allied cavalry
Out on the French left, the battalions of National Guard and Marie Louises fought valiantly against experienced Russian infantry and Cossacks!
Austrian's massing on the French Right Flank
My Command of French Regular infantry in the centre-right
An Overall view of the table


  1. Like the theme and looks lovely!

  2. Looks good James. I was two thirds through my blog draft on this game and then somehow Google lost the lot for me! Haven't plucked up the courage or time to try again ;-(