Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Flank Company 27th Regiment of Foot

Here is my first addition to the 27th Regiment of Foot (Inniskillen) - a flank company. Only 9 more companies to go! The figures are the new Warlord Games British Infantry in plastic.


  1. They look excellent James. Keep up the good work, how long before the rest of the battalion? I'm trying to get through my 191 Luneburgers by devoting a minimum of an hour a day to them.

  2. Chris

    I like your idea of doing 1 hr a day. I need to get cracking really


  3. Hi james.
    the figures look great and are the first time I have seen the warlord ones painted up. Are they bigger than Perry? Great that you are well on your way to the Waterloo project. I know it's daunting when you lay all the figures out that need painting especially if you have 300! I do mine in batches of 60-70 and manage them in a month. I do like the guards white trousers too and look forward to painting my contribution to these later this year. Good work james - keep on trucking!
    All the best kevin East